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Many of our customers write to tell us how pleased they are with the quality of our products… The excellent service they receive… and the advice and knowledge of our electrologists, salespeople and technicians on hand at all times to assist you.Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and we believe that Instantron epilators and supplies must out-perform our competitors and that each member of the Instantron staff must “go the extra mile” to ensure your complete satisfaction with us.

There has been tremendous change since my grandfather, Dan Mahler, began serving the electrolysis community in 1880. I have seen various competitive methods tried and abandoned over the years and now, more than ever, I see highly advertised methods that have yet to prove their effectiveness.

For well over a century this family business has grown, expanding its customer base worldwide and has offered the finest epilators and equipment in the world. I see Instantron as a third-generation company that remains intact and stronger than ever.

Thank you for your past and future confidence in us.

Harold C. (Skip) Mahler, Jr.

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