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community of professional electrologists, is proud to present the following educational materials.)

Your interest in the Laurier Insulated Bulbous Probe reflects your integrity and professionalism. It indicates your desire to provide your patients with the latest technology.

There are many factors over which you have no control. For example, the ability to know which phase of growth a hair is in at any given time, twisted follicles which provide no indication from the surface as to which direction the root is growing, etc. For these, and many more reasons professional electrologists require instruments designed to overcome the greatest number of the many problems which confront them.

The Laurier Insulated Bulbous Probe is a two piece probe. The stem is fifty thousandths in diameter by one-half inch long. This size is the industry standard, and will fit most push-in holders. It is made of brass and plated with gold for better conductivity. The blade is made of high quality 304 surgical stainless steel and is attached to the stem by means of a four-indent crimp which locks the two parts together permanently. The blade is ground to an exacting taper for flexibility and strength while the tip is left larger and conical in shape. The blade is then highly polished to a mirror finish. Prior to shipping, all insulated Probes are heat sterilized and packed on a protective plastic insert.

The insulation on the blade of the probe allows a small amount of RF current to escape, thus loosening the hair while concentrating the largest portion of the current at the tip of the probe. When the probe is properly inserted the tip comes in contact with the root area allowing the electrologist to use enough current to destroy the root while at the same time preventing damage to the skin and surrounding tissues. As you well know damage to the tissue above the root area serves no useful purpose and accounts for the greatest portion of the discomfort associated with epilation treatments.

Insertion of the Laurier Insulated Bulbous Probe presents no problem. Our experience has shown that, with patience, even fledgling electrologists overcome insertion problems within one dozen probes, a small price indeed to perfect one’s insertion.
The rounded tip of the probe serves two purposes. First, it prevents the electrologist from using anything but proper insertions. Second, but just as important, it does not allow the probe to perforate the wall of the follicle thus insuring proper placement.

The following question is invariably asked by prospective patients. Why will the Laurier Insulated Bulbous Probe provide better results than the old type bare wire needle? The answer to this question is quite simple. If one inserts a pointed piece of wire into a follicle and applies RF current for a short period of time, the current will leave the needle at the points of least resistance which is to say, at any point that moisture comes in contact with the needle. Since the entire follicle is moist, we know current will coagulate tissue along it’s entire length. Continuing this line of thought, if the intensity of the current is increased sufficiently to destroy the root of the hair, it follows it will destroy all the tissue along it’s shaft resulting in a blanching of the surface tissue surrounding the needle. All good electrologists recognize this blanching as overtreatment and should immediately reduce intensity to prevent scarring. This reduction also prevents the root of the hair from being coagulated thereby allowing the hair to regrow.
It is easy to understand that, since the insulation prevents coagulation of the tissue above the root area, the electrologist is allowed to increase the intensity sufficiently to destroy the root thereby reducing regrowth, not to mention the added benefit of a more comfortable treatment. The Laurier Insulated Bulbous Probe becomes a major asset in treating sensitive patients and prevents scarring as well as reducing regrowth due to insufficient coagulation of the root area.


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