Introducing the Ballet INSULATED Sterile Disposable Electrolysis Needle
Why Insulated?
The new Ballet Insulated Sterile Disposable Electrolysis Needle concentrates electro-coagulation around the tip of the needle - away from the sensitive surface Iayer of the skin. Reduction in surface trauma means a more comfortable treatment for your client - with less unsightly irritation. Although no tool will replace correct technique, an insulated probe does offer protection to the upper dermal layers, markedly reducing the risk of scarring during possible over-treatment.

Proper insertion is vital for good results in any type of electrolysis treatment, but it is especially critical with insulated

The Ballet insulated needle, with graduated insulation, reduces the risk of position problems by increasing the length of the bare needle tip for each larger needle diameter. This ensures that the critical lower part of the follicle is destroyed along with the papilla.

Why Ballet?
The Ballet Insulated needle solves the problems that have plagued users of traditional insulated needles. Ballet's reasonable price allows electrologists to dispose of the needle after each treatment. Enjoy the safety of a disposable. and an end to worries about damaging the coating during cleaning and sterilization
(Note: The Ballet Insulated needle should not be re-sterilized. Please safely discard needles after one use only.)
The medical grade EPP insulation, developed and used for dental inserts, will not flake or chip off the needle as you work. The insulator's surface is extremely smooth, guaranteeing easy and comfortable insertions.

Should you desire to use the Ballet Insulated Sterile Disposable Electrolysis Needle for Blend or Galvanic treat- ments, rest assured that the insulation will withstand the effects of lye or even the longest treatments.

The comfort of an insulated needle with the peace of mind of a disposable.

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