UL12 Salon System
Before sterilizing in your autoclave or dry heat sterilizer, your instruments should be thoroughly cleaned of the particulate matter that adheres during treatment. The Ultronics UL12 Salon System provides optimum cleaning with its 55,000 vibrations per second, producing millions of microscopic bubbles that scrub every crevice of every instrument treated, while providing hospital level disinfection for your protection. Pre-sterilization treatment in the UL12 will extend the life of your instruments. Simply fill the reservoir with water, add 1/8 oz. of the disinfectant concentrate provided and immerse instruments for the 10 minute cycle. Included with your UL 12 Salon System... accessories and a special solution for cleaning clients' jewelry, too. Includes one pint of 10 min. Instrument Disinfectant - good for 128 refills. Solution must he changed daily. Kills HIV-1, fungi, tuberculosis, viruses and bacteria. Available in White (UL12SW), Gray (UL12SG) and Black (ULI2SB). Tank dimensions: 2 .5"h x 9"w x 5"d.





Sanitiva Antibacterial Soap
Discontinued 1/99
UL200 Mini-Tray Disinfectant System
Designed for your electrolysis office, a smaller version of the cold sterilant tray used in dentistry. Ultra-Tray includes a convenient self-draining instrument basket and free Display Card for patient awareness. Allows complete submersion of implements. I pint capacity.
UL45 10 min. Instrument Disinfectant
Use only 1/8 ounce per day... one pint lasts 6 months! Pleasant floral fragrance, tuberculocidal, formulated with rust inhibitor! For metal instruments only
UL55 Ultracare Disinfectant Cleaner/Deodorizer Concentrate
For preliminary cleaning of instruments and surfaces. Cleans and disinfects in one step. This hospital grade disinfectant kills HIV-I in 30 second contact time, kills 62 organisms in 10 minutes, including Hepatitis B, staph, strep and pseudomonas. Will not damage plastics. One pint makes 32 quarts.
ULSP16 Ultracare Surface Disinfectant Spray System
Includes spray bottle plus enough concentrate for 4 refills. Safe for all surfaces.
UL1OO Instrument Tray
Stainless steel lid. Plastic insert and case. Capacity: 1 quart
UL35 Jewelry Cleaner
Discontinued 1/99
UL1DS Ultrasonic Cleaner with Cover and Timer
Features convenient swivel drain. Used daily to "scrub" and disinfect surgical instruments, Stainless steel basket included with 1 pint of disinfectant - good for 18 tankfuls! 100 Watts; 115 or 230 VAC Dimensions: 7'/z"h x 131/2" w x 91/4" d UL Listed; CSA approved 6.4 Ibs. (2.9 Kg) One gallon capacity.
UL70 Satine' Moisturizing Treatment
Discontinued 1/99
Special Note: The Ultronics systems and solutions offered do not provide sterilization capabilities. An autoclave or dry heat sterilizer is necessary for true sterilization of needles and instruments. Ultronics is for pre-sterilization only.
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Original Wild Cherry and Pina Colada Flavors
  • Flows easily into hard to reach areas where anesthesia is required
  • Will not evaporate
  • When used with the HURRICANE Dispenser or Non-Spill insert, provides the only true One-handed application
#0569-31 Cherry Liquid or #1886-31 Pina Colada Liquid
Original Wild Cherry and Pina Colada Flavors
  • Convenient and economical to use, less than $.02 per application
  • Lubricates as well as anesthetizes
  • Smooth, even consistency for accurate placement
  • Over 20 years of trusted and proven professional use.
#0871-31 Cherry Gel or #0886-31 Pina Colada Gel
  • Helps eliminate cross-infection
  • Unique unit dose of HURRICANE Liquid on a cotton swab in a hard, recyclable plastic sheath
  • Helps eliminate cross contamination
  • Can be given to patients for post-procedure discomfort
  • Easy to open
  • Cherry only

#0693-01, 100 Swabs

#0693-01, 50 Swabs

#0693-31, 25 Swabs

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Triple Anitibiotic Ointment
1/2 Oz.
1 Oz.
Contains: Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates and Bacitracin Zinc Ointment USP

Helps to prevent infection as well as reduce pain. Can be used as an After Treatment.

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