For the Ultimate in sterilization technology . . .
Fully Automatic No Monitoring Pressure or Temperature
The autoclave represents the most secure and foolproof method for the sterilization of instruments used in the practice of electrolysis.

And the KaVoKLAVE II is without question one of the most affordable and "user friendly" autoclaves available to electrologists today.

The KaVoKLAVE II autoclave sterilizer is a steam pressure vessel made of high strength aluminum alloy, with self-locking cover, safety valve, and an electronic control panel.

The KaVoKLAVE II utilizes a combination of time and temperature levels to achieve effective sterilization. A 15 minute cycle at 121°C (250°F) is the internationally accepted combination, and the KaVoKLAVE II so delivers.

In fact, the KaVoKLAVE II operates at that temperature for a total of 16 minutes. The extra one-minute HOLD TIME provides added security to ensure that an effective sterilization process has been achieved.

("Warm up" and "Cool down" phases make the average duration of a total sterilization cycle approximately 30 minutes.)
Included with your KaVoKLAVE II are:
  • 3 INSTRUMENT CASSETTES for easy handling
  • 10 STERILE CONTROL STRIPS for indicating completion of cycle
  • Internal Body Diameter 8 1/4"
  • Internal Body Height 7 3/4"
  • Total Internal Height 10"
  • Cassette Dimensions
    (inside) 6 7/8" x 2 1/8" x 1 1/4"
  • Electrical Heating Element 1200 Watts
    10 Amperes
    120 Volts AC, 60 HZ
  • Normal Operating Pressure 1 Bar (15PSI)
  • Sterilizing cycle is set for 121°C (250°F), held for 16 minutes.
  • Total cycle time is 25 to 35 minutes. This is the normal time for pushing the "Start Cycle" button to the point when the cassettes may be removed from the sterilizer to cool and dry.
  • U.L. LISTED #E117590

Also Available KaVo 900-1700 STERILE CONTROL STRIPS
This special chemically treated paper strip changes to a deep purple color when subjected to the proper conditions of temperature, steam and time.
One KAVO STERILE CONTROL STRIP should be used in each cassette for each sterilization cycle. Available in 100-strip quantities.

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