Luxo WAVE+Plus Lamp
(with T-Stand)



Additional Accessories:
13 watt quad bulb:
4 Diopter Lens
The WAVE+Plus magnifier takes another step forward among the rectangular viewing magnifiers. It still has the same large viewing area, 6.75” x 4.5”, but now includes the following “Pluses”.
  • More light: WAVE+Plus features 2 x 13-watt (uses two 13-watt quad compact fluorescent) for greater light output and improved viewing of small components.
  • More power: WAVE+Plus features a 3.5 diopter (1.875X) magnifying lens.
  • More choices of accessory lenses: In addition to the 4-diopter and 8-diopter auxiliary lenses, WAVE+Plus has a 10 diopter swing away lens that adds 2.5X for making a quick inspection and then just push it away and return to normal viewing. The 4-diopter and 8-diopter are available with housings in either Black or Light Gray to match the color of the WAVE+Plus magnifier.
  • Easier mounting of accessory lens - all accessory lenses mount on top of the new WAVE+Plus magnifier (the 4 and 8 diopter lenses for WAVE models snap on to the bottom of the housing).
  • Longer “skirt” on sides and front shield the fluorescent tubes from the user so no glare comes out the sides.

WAVE+Plus still comes on Luxo’s heavy-duty K-arms which have a 45” reach and includes a mounting clamp.

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